Low Cost Marketing for the Martial Art School

Pocket-size so you can carry it everywhere!

Grow your martial art school without breaking your budget! The Low Cost Marketing for the Martial Art School handbook is packed with hundreds of free and low cost marketing ideas on a wide variety of topics including:

ADVERTISING: 42 ways to pump up your ads
PROMOTION: 25 ways to promote your events
PUBLICITY: 21 ways to master public relations
IMAGE BUILDING: 28 ways to polish your image
NICHE BUILDING: 17 ways to establish your speciality
CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 ways to provide awesome service
SERVICE BUILDING: 20 ways to improve your staff
ONLINE TOOLS: 38 ways to power up your website
STUDENT RECRUITING: 23 ways to bring students in the door
STUDENT RETENTION: 28 long-term student retention tools
MERCHANDISING: 20 keys to generating product sales

BONUS: Discover how to create a professional marketing plan

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover