Martial Arts Instructor's Desk Reference

Includes updated, revised versions of special reports formerly published by Turtle Press:

  • 250 Ways to Make Classes Fun and Exciting 
  • 100 Low Cost Marketing Ideas 
  • Hosting a Successful Martial Arts Tournament 
  • Teaching Difficult Children 
  • Publicity for the Martial Arts School

The Martial Arts Instructor's Desk Reference is your guide to advanced teaching concepts and martial arts school administration. Author and veteran martial arts instructor Sang H. Kim covers a wide range of essential topics for the professional martial arts instructor including:

  • teaching children with ADD, behavioral problems and learning disabilities 
  • creating lesson plans and teaching specific curriculum elements 
  • combating boredom through hundreds of drills and training ideas 
  • marketing, advertising, publicity, staffing and customer service 
  • instructor training and evaluation 
  • tournament management 

Based on our popular special report series, this book brings together a wide range of essential topics.

Author: Sang H. Kim

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


If you are thinking of opening a school or just starting a martial arts program of any kind, I would suggest you read this book FIRST! Then keep it handy!
— A. Duke