Teaching Martial Arts: The Way of the Master

A comprehensive handbook for both would-be and experienced instructors, this book details the keys to becoming a successful instructor.
— Taekwondo Times magazine

Teaching Martial Arts: The Way of the Master is the classic text for martial arts instructors. In a revolutionary approach, Sang H. Kim Ph.D has blended his extensive knowledge of martial art training with modern and classical teaching methodology to create a system of teaching martial arts for the 21st century. 

This expanded 2nd edition is filled with practical information to help you lead your students from white belt to black belt and beyond including detailed methods for:

  • planning classes at every skill level 
  • motivating students 
  • organizing seminars and demonstrations 
  • preparing for competitions 
  • reducing dropouts 
  • developing your curriculum
  • teaching children of all ages 
  • effectively using equipment 
  • managing disruptive students 
  • making classes fun and exciting 

BONUS SECTION: Launching a Martial Arts School, a step by step guide to opening your own martial arts school is included in this second edition.

Author: Sang H. Kim

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Martial Arts Instructor's Desk Reference

Includes updated, revised versions of special reports formerly published by Turtle Press:

  • 250 Ways to Make Classes Fun and Exciting 
  • 100 Low Cost Marketing Ideas 
  • Hosting a Successful Martial Arts Tournament 
  • Teaching Difficult Children 
  • Publicity for the Martial Arts School

The Martial Arts Instructor's Desk Reference is your guide to advanced teaching concepts and martial arts school administration. Author and veteran martial arts instructor Sang H. Kim covers a wide range of essential topics for the professional martial arts instructor including:

  • teaching children with ADD, behavioral problems and learning disabilities 
  • creating lesson plans and teaching specific curriculum elements 
  • combating boredom through hundreds of drills and training ideas 
  • marketing, advertising, publicity, staffing and customer service 
  • instructor training and evaluation 
  • tournament management 

Based on our popular special report series, this book brings together a wide range of essential topics.

Author: Sang H. Kim

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


If you are thinking of opening a school or just starting a martial arts program of any kind, I would suggest you read this book FIRST! Then keep it handy!
— A. Duke

Low Cost Marketing for the Martial Art School

Pocket-size so you can carry it everywhere!

Grow your martial art school without breaking your budget! The Low Cost Marketing for the Martial Art School handbook is packed with hundreds of free and low cost marketing ideas on a wide variety of topics including:

ADVERTISING: 42 ways to pump up your ads
PROMOTION: 25 ways to promote your events
PUBLICITY: 21 ways to master public relations
IMAGE BUILDING: 28 ways to polish your image
NICHE BUILDING: 17 ways to establish your speciality
CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 ways to provide awesome service
SERVICE BUILDING: 20 ways to improve your staff
ONLINE TOOLS: 38 ways to power up your website
STUDENT RECRUITING: 23 ways to bring students in the door
STUDENT RETENTION: 28 long-term student retention tools
MERCHANDISING: 20 keys to generating product sales

BONUS: Discover how to create a professional marketing plan

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Martial Arts Drills

I’ve used some of the drills and the students all enjoyed them.
— Sifu Bates

Looking for martial arts drills? Martial Art Drills has over 300 martial arts drills and games for individuals, partners and groups. 

This concise e-book is divided into six categories, making it easy to quickly find the type of drill, game or idea you're looking for:

  1. Conditioning: Fun ways to strengthen, stretch and condition the body
  2. Basic Movements: New ideas to take the repetition out of practice including drills for individuals, partners and groups
  3. Self-Defense: Exciting drills to make self-defense practice more realistic
  4. Forms: Unique ways to reduce boredom on the road to perfection
  5. Sparring: Exciting tips to pump up sparring practice
  6. Mental Training: Unique suggestions for training the mind with the body

Excerpted from the Martial Arts Instructor's Desk Reference 

Author: Sang H. Kim

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android,