Tae Kwon Do Palgwe Poomsae

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Tae Kwon Do Palgwe Poomsae is a complete guide to the Palgwe Poomsae (forms) of Taekwondo. Grandmasters Kyu Hyung Lee and Sang H. Kim have combined their extensive knowledge of traditional taekwondo forms to teach you not only the 8 official Palgwe poomsae, but the meaning of the forms, the principles of Poomsae performance and the philosophy that underlies the techniques.

Each Poomsae is thoroughly illustrated with clear and technically precise photos. The instructional text is supplemented with information about the meaning, movement line and symbol of each of the taekwondo forms as well as the correct execution of each new movement introduced in the form. 

The following Poomsae are included:

  • Poomsae Palgwe Il Jang
  • Poomsae Palgwe Ee Jang
  • Poomsae Palgwe Sam Jang
  • Poomsae Palgwe Sah Jang
  • PoomsaePalgwe Oh Jang
  • Poomsae Palgwe Yuk Jang
  • Poomsae Palgwe Chil Jang
  • Poomsae Palgwe Pal Jang

 Author: Kyu Hyung Lee, Sang H. Kim

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android