10 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Schools

Marketing your school does not have to be expensive. The Marketing chapter of the Low Cost Marketing for the Martial Art School gives you 100s of ways to recruit new students and retain current students with little or no cash expenditure. If you implement even one third of the ideas over the course of the next year, your school will grow and thrive like never before. Below are 10 sample ideasto get you started.

2. Create a Product Display. A product display can be as simple as pinning up patches, headbands and pins on a bulletin board or as complex as furnishing a glass display case. The important part is how it looks. Use your imagination to create a low cost display of the supplies and equipment students can buy at the school. If you have time, create monthly themes in your display. Be sure to include item names, descriptions, sizes and prices. And don’t forget to secure the items (or permanently mark them in some way) so they don’t “walk away.

3. Have a free giveaway. For example, everyone who drops by to tour your school and pick up information receives a free headband, key chain, sticker, trading card, poster or patch. The gift does not have to be expensive, especially if the recipients are children.

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