A Bundle of Sticks

Winner of The Mark Twain Award, The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and The Washington State Governor's Award

Ben Tyler hates to fight and Boyd Bradshaw knows it. When Boyd makes Ben eat mud at the bus stop, Ben's father decides that it's time for him to learn to defend himself. The thought of learning to fight makes Ben's stomach hurt, but he's willing to try anything to stop Boyd's bullying. When Ben discovers that he won't have to smash boards or throw people across the room, he decides that his Kajukenbo lessons might not be so bad. But even with his new self-defense skills, Ben doesn't believe he can stand up to Boyd until the day the bully kicks Ben's dog. Not only does Ben overcome his fears, he discovers a new kind of strength, one that was inside him all along.

Written for children ages 9 and up, A Bundle of Sticks is an honest, funny and sometimes painful look at how one boy overcomes his fears and stands up to the schoolyard bully.

Author: Pat Mauser McCord

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Mauser’s “boy vs. bully” theme is familiar but enhanced by the Eastern philosophies that offer interesting perspectives
— Booklist

A Part of the Ribbon: A Time Travel Adventure Through the History of Korea

A Part of the Ribbon is an action adventure story that takes the reader on an exciting journey through Korean martial arts history. Told through the eyes of six year old Charlotte and her thirteen year old brother, Jeffrey, it provides a first hand look at the evolution of Korean culture, language and customs. 

Over the course of their travels, they join Hwarangdo warriors in battle, learn Korean calligraphy, battle the invading Japanese army in Turtle Boats, escape from pirates, and talk with Korean people at many points in the country's developing history. 

Illustrated with historically accurate black and white line drawings. Key words in Korean are italicized in the text and defined in the glossary. 

Authors: Ruth Hunter, Debra Fritsch

Editions: Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Martial Arts Training Diary for Kids

The Martial Arts Training Diary for Kids activity book is designed to help children get the most out of their martial arts classes and have fun doing it. 

There are dozens of fill-in pages to record goals, favorite techniques and instructor's advice plus martial arts games and other fun activities.

• Martial arts training tips to help each child become the best black belt they can be 
• Martial arts games to play with friends 
• Advice and inspiration from famous athletes to help in setting and sticking to goals 
• Crosswords and other puzzles using common martial arts words and phrases 
• Treasure pages to record tests, tournaments, and other special days 
• Dozens of pages to keep track of goals, dreams, favorite techniques, instructors' advice and more 

Author: Art Brisacher

Editions: Softcover


As a master of Taekwondo and a teacher of childen in martial arts for more than 15 years, I am impressed by the positive and supportive approach the book takes. This book promotes self-examination through a commitment to writing about one’s experience and thoughtfully considering points of instruction and learning in an organized way.
— Jack Emmell M.D., 5th Degree Black Belt