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Police Training e-Books

Martial Arts instruction and how-to books

The law enforcement training e-books below are written by professionals with decades of experience in the fields of law enforcement and the military. Enhance your knowledge with quality law enforcement training materials, including books on defensive tactics, bodyguarding and terrorism awareness.

Turtle Press books are available as e-books for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony and Google readers. Search by author or title from your favorite reader or bookstore or use the links on our website to locate books for your reader. Clicking on a "Buy for Kindle" or "Buy for Nook" button will take you to or where you can complete your ebook purchase.


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Defensive Tactics e-book

Loren W. Christensen | 705 photos | Kindle, Nook, Apple | In Stock

Street Stoppers e-book

M. Mireles-L. Christensen | over 600 photos | Kindle, Nook, Apple | In Stock

How to Fight the Pain Resistant Attacker e-book

Loren W. Christensen | over 400 photos | Kindle, Nook, Apple | In Stock

Security Operations: Planning and Conducting Private Security e-book

Robert H. Deatherage Jr. | technical illustrations | Kindle, Nook, Apple | In Stock

Total Defense e-book

L. Christensen-M. Mireles | 470 photos | Kindle, Nook, Apple | In Stock

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