Elbow Strike Application: Arm Bar and Take Down Video

In this video, Jeff W. Rosser teaches an application for the upward elbow strike from his forthcoming book, "Combative Elbow Strikes: A Guide to Strikes, Blocks, Locks, and Take Downs." This application uses the upward elbow strike to block a haymaker followed by an arm bar to a take down. Preorder "Combative Elbow Strikes" at Amazon.com.

See more elbow strike application videos at the Combative Elbow Strikes Youtube Channel

Biceps Trap Finger Lock

Excerpted from The Art of Joint Locking by Arlo Welty


This is a basic finger lock. Done from a biceps grab, move away from the open hand and bring your hand up to the outside of their arm. Elevate your elbow and turn to face 45-90 degrees from their arm. Depending on the height of your opponent you may need to assist the application with forward pressure to keep the fingers locked. If the fingers slip out either regrab for a joint lock flow or box your way out.