Georgian Grip to O Soto Gari and Leg Lift Throw video

In this video, coach Steve Scott presents some ideas that may be helpful to anyone who wants to add the Georgian grip to their grappling arsenal. The Georgian grip is a near-side over the back grip and this video shows how it can be used for O Soto Gari and what is commonly called the Kharbarelli Throw. Demonstrated by Derrick Darling and Mike Pennington with coaching by Steve Scott. 

Steve Scott is currently working on a new, comprehensive Sambo text, scheduled for release in early 2015. Check out more of his instructional videos on the Welcome Mat Youtube channel. You can also find his instructional books at

Roll and Strike Recovery Drill video

Veteran law enforcement officer Kevin Dillon teaches an essential self-protection drill, the Roll and Strike Drill which trains you to quickly recover from a fall and aggressively counterattack your assailant from the ground. This instructional segment is taken from the Police Combat Tactics 1 video and is part of the new Police Defensive Tactics video app