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Taekwondo Black Belt Poomse Symbolism

Poomse Koryo

Poomse Koryo symbolizes seonbae which means a learned man, who is characterized by a strong martial spirit as well as a righteous spirit. The choonbi-sugi (ready stance) is tongmilgi which promotes concentration by placing the hands between the upper and lower abdomen, the center of ki in the body. The movement line of Koryo represents the Chinese character for seonbae or seonbi, which means a learned man or a man of virtue in Korean. For the 1st dan.

Poomse Keumgang

Keumgang, meaning diamond, is symbolized by hardness. Mount Keumgang, which is regarded as the center of the national spirit and the origin of Keumgang Yoksa (warrior named by Buddha) who represents the mightiest warrior, is the spiritual foundation of this form. the line of movements symbolizes the Chinese character for mountain. The movements of the poomse should be performed powerfully and with good balance to demonstrate the dignity of the Keumgang spirit. For the 2nd dan.

Poomse Taebaek

Taebaek (bright mountain) is the name given to Mt. Paektu, the mountain from which Tangun, the founder of the Korean people, ruled the country. Taebaek symbolizes the sacred and humanitarian ruling spirit of Tangun. The line of movements symbolizes the Chinese character for a word meaning the bridge between heaven and Earth. For the 3rd Dan.

Poomse Pyongwon

Pyongwon means a plain or a vast field of land. It is the source of life for all creatures and place from which all creatures gain sustenance. Pyongwon is based on the idea of peace and struggle resulted from the principles of origin and use. The Choon-bi sogi requires a concentration of force in the lower abdomen, the source of all strength, much like the land is the source of strength for all life. The line of movements symbolizes the origin and transformation of the plain. For the 4th Dan.

Poomse Sipjin

The word sipjin is derived from the principle of longevity which maintains there are ten creatures of long life: sun, moon, mountain, water, stone, pine tree, herb of eternal youth, turtle, deer and crane. This poomse symbolizes the longevity humans derive from these everlasting elements of nature. The line of movements is the Chinese character for ten, symbolizing the ten creatures of long life and the infinity of the decimal system. For the 5th Dan.

Poomse Jitae

Jitae means a man standing on the Earth looking at the sky. A man on the Earth represents the struggle of humanity. The line of movement symbolizes a man standing on the Earth preparing to spring up toward the heaven.

For the 5th Dan.

Poomse Cheon Kwon

Cheon Kwon means Heavens Greatness or the origin of all being. Its infinite nature signifies change, creation and completion. The movements are characterized by circular arm movements, symbolizing the greatness and inclusiveness of the Cheon Kwon concept. The line of movements symbolizes a man descending to Earth from the heavens, being empowered by the heavens and attaining oneness between the Earthly world (body) and the heavenly world (mind). For the 6th Dan.

Poomse Han Soo

Han Soo means water which is the source of sustenance and growth for all life. Han Soo symbolizes the birth of a life, growth, strength, weakness, harmony, magnanimity, and adaptability through life. The nature of water, characterized by unbreakability and flexibility, is the basis for this poomse. The line of movements symbolizes the Chinese character for water. For the 6th Dan.

Poomse Ilyeo

Ilyeo symbolizes the thoughts of the great monk Wonhyo of the Silla Dynasty. It teaches that a point, a line or a circle ends up at one. Poomse Ilyeo represents the harmonization of body and spirit, which is the culmination of martial arts practice. The line of movements symbolizes the Buddhist mark which means a state of perfect selflessness where origin, substance and service come into congruity. For the 7th Dan.

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