Self-Defense video


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I recommended this because its the most thorough I’ve seen and covers quite a bit on essentials. It covers not just moves, but mentality and awareness, so you may prevent something before it occurs.
— John Wolfen

The Self-defense Encyclopedia video is a fast paced, information packed collection of self-defense skills and principles that is ideal for beginners or non-martial artists. Sang H. Kim's approach to self-protection is street-oriented, fluid and direct with an emphasis on ending a confrontation quickly using any means necessary. Discover a wealth of knowledge on self-protection including:

  • 14 essential self-defense principles that you can apply to any confrontation

  • 22 primary and secondary targets to disable an attacker

  • 10 defense drills to train your instinctive responses and avoid panicking in an emergency

  • Defensive tactics against the most common standing, ground and restraint attacks

  • Multiple defensive options for each attack - use what works for you

  • Defensive principles against multiple attackers, edged weapons and firearms

  • Restraint and control locks to immobilize an assailant

  • Environmental awareness

  • Escalation of use of force

  • Coping with Fear

  • Use of verbal communication to de-escalate a confrontation

  • Recognizing nonverbal warning signals

  • Understanding the psychology of violence

  • Coping with stalking and domestic violence

  • Scenario training and analysis

  • 7 golden rules of self-defense

Because the techniques taught are presented with both novice and advanced applications, this is an excellent reference for students, instructors and non-martial artists alike.

Wrist and Arresting Locks video


Wrist Locks

Joint Locks

The ultimate in subdue and control locks, Wrist & Arresting Locks gives you total control over your attacker without causing permanent damage. In this video, Sang H. Kim begins with the basic "gooseneck" wrist lock and shows you how it can be used in come alongs, restraints and takedowns. In the arresting locks portion of the video instruction, he teaches you how to use the principles of primary and secondary response to stop an attacker armed with a blunt weapon and take control of the weapon.

Each technique is finished off with a lock, takedown or pin to give you control over the attacker. Defenses can be applied to both empty hand and armed attacks. This is an excellent reference for law enforcement officers in need of a variety of ways to achieve compliance in the process of handcuffing, including takedowns to the facedown position. A very detailed look at how to take control in a wide variety of situations.

Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat video


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Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat teaches you over 100 tactics and strategies of realistic unarmed combat. Begin with the fundamentals of unarmed fighting including: stance, open and closed hand strikes, elbow strikes, low kicks, knee strikes, takedowns, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder locks and ground fighting principles.

Former special agent Sang H. Kim demonstrates each technique at walk through and full speed then shows you how to effectively apply it against an opponent. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, learn the principles that instantly neutralize and destroy your opponent in standing and ground confrontations including no-nonsense defenses against tackles, head locks, chokes, arm locks, punches, grabs, low kicks, sweeps, throws, pins and a variety of strikes.

Plus, learn what to do when your first response is countered by your opponent. Nearly seventy standing and ground combat scenarios take you through a wide range of possible attack and defense situations.

Knife Defense Fundamentals video


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The Knife Defense Fundamentals video covers the essential basics of defending against the knife and gives you a solid foundation. Learn to use stance and distance to your advantage, evade an attack, close the distance for a counter, change the line of attack, control the knife arm, reverse your opponents momentum, apply standing restraint and control locks, understand the principles of a knife attack and take an attacker to the ground where you can successfully immobilize him, neutralizing the threat of the knife. Then put your new skills to work in 23 sample attack and defense scenarios that you can practice with a partner.


  • 7 Action Steps for Successful Knife Defense

  • Stance and footwork: using positioning and distance to your advantage

  • Looping: evasion and distance control

  • Deflecting: changing the line of attack

  • Gripping: control the knife arm

  • Inversion: reverse the attackers momentum

  • Pinion: standing restraints and ground immobilizations

  • Finishing techniques

  • Immobilizing an attacker with a choke, wrist lock, head lock, chin lock, body lock, takedown or pin

  • 23 Sample practice scenarios with variations

  • Applying the 4 tactical concepts of closing, passing, cutting in and coupling

Advanced Knife Defense video


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For experienced martial artists, the Advanced Knife Defense video shows you how to effectively disarm an attacker and turn his weapon against him in self-defense. Learn a wide range of defensive techniques against cutting, thrusting, stabbing, slashing, armed restraints, chokes, ground pins and headlocks.

Solutions for even the most hopeless situations, with a strong focus on disarming an attacker on the ground. Also includes tactical analysis of force lines, vulnerabilities of the knife-wielding attacker, the use of leverage, use of the strategic retreat and preemptive strikes.

This video is good - it has many joint locks,throws and take-downs used on a knife welding opponent.
— H. Miller