Wrist and Arresting Locks video


Wrist Locks

Joint Locks

The ultimate in subdue and control locks, Wrist & Arresting Locks gives you total control over your attacker without causing permanent damage. In this video, Sang H. Kim begins with the basic "gooseneck" wrist lock and shows you how it can be used in come alongs, restraints and takedowns. In the arresting locks portion of the video instruction, he teaches you how to use the principles of primary and secondary response to stop an attacker armed with a blunt weapon and take control of the weapon.

Each technique is finished off with a lock, takedown or pin to give you control over the attacker. Defenses can be applied to both empty hand and armed attacks. This is an excellent reference for law enforcement officers in need of a variety of ways to achieve compliance in the process of handcuffing, including takedowns to the facedown position. A very detailed look at how to take control in a wide variety of situations.