Ultimate Kicking Drills video

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Download the free app and instantly get access to a sample video with over a dozen kicking drills to improve your speed, agility, balance and coordination for kicking.

Want to kick higher, stronger, faster? Bored with the usual training routine? Then the Ultimate Kicking Drills video is for you. Follow along as Sang H. Kim teaches you dozens of kicking drills, techniques, exercises & tips to put you on the road to measurable improvement. Drills include:

  • Heavy Bag
  • Fixed and Moving Target Drills
  • Hand Target
  • Shield Target
  • Partner Drills
  • Stretching Bar
  • Plyometrics
  • Isometrics
  • Flexibility
  • Speed, Power & Agility Running
  • Timing Drills
  • Outdoor Training
  • Multiple Targets
  • Weight Training
  • Conditioning Exercises Essential to Awesome Kicks
  • Dozens of Informative Tips

Over 100 drills, exercises and training methods!