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Mindful Movement (MBX-12) video

Also available: Mindful Movement book - get additional instruction for all of the exercises in the video plus much more! 

This 5-minute sequence of 12 movements will invigorate your inner energy. By combining deep breathing with unique movements that target the 12 energy meridians, Sang H. Kim has created an active form of moving mediation that you can practice daily to reduce stress and boost your energy levels. This 32-minute instructional video includes instruction, follow along and selected variations for harder and easier practice.

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Boxing Fundamentals video

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Korean boxing champion Kim Sung-Kuk invites you into his gym as he explains and demonstrates the fundamentals of boxing including:

  • Warm-ups and Conditioning

  • Essential Gear and Training Equipment

  • Boxer's Stance

  • Fundamental Punches: Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

  • Defensive Techniques: Block, Catch, Parry, Duck, Slip

  • Counterpunching

  • Offensive and Defensive Combinations

  • Equipment Drills

  • Basic Strategy

  • Sample Sparring Matches

Get an inside look at the training regimen of Korean Bantamweight National Champion Kim Sung-Kuk and his coach, former National Champion Woo Dae-Shik - a great introduction to boxing for the novice or intermediate fighter.