Joongbong Short Stick Fundamentals and Patterns video


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The joongbong, or short stick, is a versatile and easy to learn weapon.  Once mastered, the principles of the joongbong can be applied to any blunt weapon.

In this video Sang H. Kim teaches you the fundamentals and basic patterns (hyung) of the joongbong including stances, grip, blocking, deflecting, striking, cutting, thrusting, footwork, fundamental applications and partner and solo drills.

Perfect for beginners who are just starting out. I really appreciated the format and presentation of the techniques. I found it both very helpful and taught in a way that I could understand
— Robert

Jang Bong Long Stick Fundamentals and Patterns video


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Great training dvd to anyone new to Bo Staff fightng techniques
— Elverine

The Jang Bong is a long stick, approximately 60 inches in length. It can be used to defend against an empty handed or armed attacker with ease.

In Part One of this video, filmed at a seminar, Sang H. Kim introduces the fundamentals of the Jang Bong including the two basic grips (for long and close range fighting), posture, offensive and defensive movements including straight striking, circular striking, hooking, thrusting, scooping and controlling techniques. It also includes a warm up recommended for use before beginning Jang Bong practice, a look at the vital points for striking with the Jang Bong, partner and solo practice drills, 8 Strike Circular Drills and many tips to improve both performance and understanding of this unique weapon.

In Part Two, you will learn three patterns for the Jang Bong. Master Kim starts you off with a basic form to introduce the fundamental footwork, blocking and striking skills of the Jang Bong. The second form is an intermediate level pattern that introduces more complex skills including offense/defense combinations and varying grips. The third and most advanced form focuses on speed in complex combinations.

Each sequence includes full speed, follow along, front, diagonal, side and rear views. Also included are a movement by movement breakdown of the terminology and detailed explanations of the applications of the movements.

Advanced Joongbong Short Stick video


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Learn to use the short stick in close combat self-defense situations, including advanced applications against choking, locking, takedowns, pins and disarms plus the 10 of the most effective ways to take down your opponent at very close range. Filmed at a Junsado seminar, the material on this video is highly realistic and damaging to an opponent who breaks through your initial defense and gets too close for you to use conventional Joong Bong strikes and blocks. 

Also, learn 3 advanced short stick patterns that introduce new blocks, strikes, parries, combinations and footwork: Joong Bong Il Hyung, Ee Hyung, and Sam Hyung. 

Double Stick Fundamentals and Patterns video


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The ssang bong (double sticks) uses two different grips, one standard and the other reverse, to deliver maximum impact with two short sticks.

Includes instruction on: 

  • Grip

  • Stance and posture

  • Striking

  • Primary and secondary defense techniques

  • Blocking and parrying

  • One flow defense drills

  • Combination defense

  • Targets of attack

  • Striking, thrusting and cutting

  • Primary and secondary offense

  • Offensive combinations

  • Introduction to combat applications

Jang Bong Long Stick Forms video


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Sang H. Kim has created 5 challenging forms for the Jang Bong long stick. Building on the material taught in the Jang Bong Fundamentals and Patterns video, the forms taught in the Jang Bong Long Stick Forms video introduce new techniques and more complex combinations to take your Jang Bong skills to a new level. Thorough instruction and multiple camera angles and performance speeds make it easy for you to learn these exciting long stick forms.

practical and useable in fight application training