Ultimate Flexibility: Stretching for Martial Arts video


Achieve Ultimate Flexibility in 20 minutes a day! Based on his bestselling book Ultimate Flexibility, Sang H. Kim has created a series of 20-minute stretching workouts that you can follow at home to increase your flexibility and tone your body.

Each of the three workouts - easy, moderate and intense - gives you a total body stretch with a special focus on the muscles commonly used in martial arts training. You also get an introduction to stretching, tips on getting the most out of your workouts, exercises to improve the height and power of your kicks.

If you're ready to dedicate 20 minutes a day to improving your flexibility, this video is for you.

Also available: the bestselling Ultimate Flexibility book - get in-depth instruction for all of the exercises in the video plus much more!

Mindful Movement (MBX-12) video

Also available: Mindful Movement book - get additional instruction for all of the exercises in the video plus much more! 

This 5-minute sequence of 12 movements will invigorate your inner energy. By combining deep breathing with unique movements that target the 12 energy meridians, Sang H. Kim has created an active form of moving mediation that you can practice daily to reduce stress and boost your energy levels. This 32-minute instructional video includes instruction, follow along and selected variations for harder and easier practice.

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Ultimate Kicking Drills video


Want to kick higher, stronger, faster? Bored with the usual training routine? Then the Ultimate Kicking Drills video is for you. Follow along as Sang H. Kim teaches you dozens of kicking drills, techniques, exercises & tips to put you on the road to measurable improvement. Drills include:

  • Heavy Bag

  • Fixed and Moving Target Drills

  • Hand Target

  • Shield Target

  • Partner Drills

  • Stretching Bar

  • Plyometrics

  • Isometrics

  • Flexibility

  • Speed, Power & Agility Running

  • Timing Drills

  • Outdoor Training

  • Multiple Targets

  • Weight Training

  • Conditioning Exercises Essential to Awesome Kicks

  • Dozens of Informative Tips

Over 100 drills, exercises and training methods!

Complete Taekwondo Kicking video


Complete Kicking contains the complete system of taekwondo kicks from beginner to black belt and beyond. Each kick is explained in detail then demonstrated on a target, against a partner and with varied footwork. This video is an excellent resource for students of all styles who want to expand their kicking repertoire. Indexed in an easy to use format so you can jump right to the set of kicks you want to work on without fast forwarding or rewinding. You'll learn more than 40 taekwondo kicks! 

Good Kicking Guide . . . the kicks are clearly shown, from different angles and slow and normal motion
— Tom Skywalker

Ultimate Fitness for Martial Arts video


Sang H. Kim teaches you the exercises that have helped him maintain ultimate flexibility for over 20 years and demonstrates the most effective exercises for developing explosive power and speed in your techniques using weight training, running, isometrics, and more. Plus, get advice on developing agility, balance, coordination and timing. Over 100 drills, exercises and training methods.

Sang H. Kim does a fabulous job describing the “What, Where and How to’s” of 9 basic essentials to improve one’s martial arts skills. This is a must have for the serious martial artist!
— C. Fritzsch

100 Taekwondo Sparring Scoring Techniques video


a huge selection of techniques to use in Olympic style sparring . . . ideal for black belts and instructor of Olympic style Taekwondo (WTF)
— Thomas O. Morrison

Have you ever wondered how top taekwondo fighters make scoring look so effortless? The answer is scoring strategy - knowing exactly which kick will score in which situation. Now, competitors of all skill levels can develop their own scoring strategy.

Master Sang H. Kim has analyzed years of competition footage to bring you the Top 100 Scoring Techniques used by elite level competitors around the world. Learn to use the roundhouse kick, back kick, double kick, whip kick, power punch, pushing kick, turn kick, axe kick, spinning whip kick, side kick and jumping back kick to score at will. Also, get inside tips on using combination attacks, in-fighting & distance strategies drawing, pushing kick set-ups & retreat counterattacking strategies to score.

Top 100 Taekwondo Scoring Techniques includes detailed instruction on how to score in competition with:

  • Roundhouse Kick

  • Back Kick

  • Double Kicks

  • Whipping Kick

  • Pushing Kick

  • Combination Techniques

  • Ax Kick

  • Turn Kick

  • Spin Whip Kick

  • Aero Back Kick

  • Side Kick

  • Set-ups

  • Feint Pushing Kick

Complete Taekwondo Sparring Volume 2 video


Counterattacking is the secret to defeating an aggressive attacker and taking control of the match. Learn to neutralize and counter the 50 most common attacks in taekwondo sparring.

You'll also learn the entire spectrum of taekwondo footwork and combination skills essential to success in competitive sparring. This video is especially helpful for improving your inside game and close range sparring skills. Includes examples of each technique being used in competition as well as full speed and slow motion instructional segments from both open and closed stance.

Complete Taekwondo Sparring Volume 1 video


A great training aid to improve attacking precision and power for instructors and coaches as well as students who want to train at home.

Just knowing how to kick isn't enough when you step in the ring. Understanding how to score is essential towinning in taekwondo competition. Complete Taekwondo Sparring Vol. 1 is your guide to popular and effective scoring attacks.


  • Front and rear leg roundhouse kick

  • Front leg speed axe kick

  • Rear leg power axe kick

  • Back kick, jumping back kick and 360 degree aero back kick

  • Jumping turning roundhouse kicks

  • Hopping kicks

  • Footwork/kick combinations

  • Set-ups and attacks

Includes examples of each technique being used in competition as well as full speed and slow motion instructional segments from both open and closed stance situations.


  • Single and double target drills

  • Reflex drills

  • 2:1 Target drills

  • Line drills

  • Combination target drills

  • Footwork/kick combination drills

  • Hogoo drills


Tae Kwon Do Step Sparring and Hand Skills video


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The Tae Kwon Do Step Sparring and Hand Skills video teaches 30 step sparring combinations plus the complete range of traditional taekwondo blocks, strikes and punches. Learn 30 new step sparring combinations that incorporate dozens of strikes, blocks, stances, kicks and footwork in realistic sparring and self-defense applications. Progressive techniques from white to black belt.

In Part 2, learn the complete system of traditional taekwondo hand skills from white through black belt. Includes single arm blocks, double arm blocks, knife hand blocks, block/strike combination techniques, punching, knife hand strikes, elbow strikes, and more.

Also available: Taekwondo Step Sparring book

Self-Defense video


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I recommended this because its the most thorough I’ve seen and covers quite a bit on essentials. It covers not just moves, but mentality and awareness, so you may prevent something before it occurs.
— John Wolfen

The Self-defense Encyclopedia video is a fast paced, information packed collection of self-defense skills and principles that is ideal for beginners or non-martial artists. Sang H. Kim's approach to self-protection is street-oriented, fluid and direct with an emphasis on ending a confrontation quickly using any means necessary. Discover a wealth of knowledge on self-protection including:

  • 14 essential self-defense principles that you can apply to any confrontation

  • 22 primary and secondary targets to disable an attacker

  • 10 defense drills to train your instinctive responses and avoid panicking in an emergency

  • Defensive tactics against the most common standing, ground and restraint attacks

  • Multiple defensive options for each attack - use what works for you

  • Defensive principles against multiple attackers, edged weapons and firearms

  • Restraint and control locks to immobilize an assailant

  • Environmental awareness

  • Escalation of use of force

  • Coping with Fear

  • Use of verbal communication to de-escalate a confrontation

  • Recognizing nonverbal warning signals

  • Understanding the psychology of violence

  • Coping with stalking and domestic violence

  • Scenario training and analysis

  • 7 golden rules of self-defense

Because the techniques taught are presented with both novice and advanced applications, this is an excellent reference for students, instructors and non-martial artists alike.

Taekwondo Black Belt Poomse video


The Taekwondo Black Belt Poomse video contains the complete system of WTF style Black Belt Poomse for at home practice, testing and competition requirements from 1st through 7th degree black belt. Follow along in both front and side views as Sang H. Kim shares his personal training and performance tips to help you learn and master these important poomse.

Includes Koryo, Kumkang, Taebaek, Pyong Won, Sip Jin, Ji Tae, Cheon Kwon, Han Soo and Il Yo. The only Black Belt Poomse reference you will ever need! 

Along with the book “Complete Tae Kwon Do Poomsae”, will answer any questions you have on a particular form when practicing at home.
— Gary Slaughter

Wrist and Arresting Locks video


Wrist Locks

Joint Locks

The ultimate in subdue and control locks, Wrist & Arresting Locks gives you total control over your attacker without causing permanent damage. In this video, Sang H. Kim begins with the basic "gooseneck" wrist lock and shows you how it can be used in come alongs, restraints and takedowns. In the arresting locks portion of the video instruction, he teaches you how to use the principles of primary and secondary response to stop an attacker armed with a blunt weapon and take control of the weapon.

Each technique is finished off with a lock, takedown or pin to give you control over the attacker. Defenses can be applied to both empty hand and armed attacks. This is an excellent reference for law enforcement officers in need of a variety of ways to achieve compliance in the process of handcuffing, including takedowns to the facedown position. A very detailed look at how to take control in a wide variety of situations.

Taekwondo Taegeuk Poomse # 1-8 video


Essential home practice guide

The Taekwondo Taegeuk Poomse # 1-8 video contains the complete system of taegeuk poomse for at home practice, testing and competition requirements up to 1st degree black belt.

This has gotten me through more than one belt test. I use it to practice each new form as I learn it from my instructor and to review all of my lower belt forms for testing. The different views (front, side, rear, etc) make it easy to see the movements and Master Kim’s performance is top notch.
— Mark Quinn

Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat video


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Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat teaches you over 100 tactics and strategies of realistic unarmed combat. Begin with the fundamentals of unarmed fighting including: stance, open and closed hand strikes, elbow strikes, low kicks, knee strikes, takedowns, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder locks and ground fighting principles.

Former special agent Sang H. Kim demonstrates each technique at walk through and full speed then shows you how to effectively apply it against an opponent. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, learn the principles that instantly neutralize and destroy your opponent in standing and ground confrontations including no-nonsense defenses against tackles, head locks, chokes, arm locks, punches, grabs, low kicks, sweeps, throws, pins and a variety of strikes.

Plus, learn what to do when your first response is countered by your opponent. Nearly seventy standing and ground combat scenarios take you through a wide range of possible attack and defense situations.

Joongbong Short Stick Fundamentals and Patterns video


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The joongbong, or short stick, is a versatile and easy to learn weapon.  Once mastered, the principles of the joongbong can be applied to any blunt weapon.

In this video Sang H. Kim teaches you the fundamentals and basic patterns (hyung) of the joongbong including stances, grip, blocking, deflecting, striking, cutting, thrusting, footwork, fundamental applications and partner and solo drills.

Perfect for beginners who are just starting out. I really appreciated the format and presentation of the techniques. I found it both very helpful and taught in a way that I could understand
— Robert

Taekwondo Palgwe Poomse video


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The Taekwondo Palgwe Poomse video provides you with the performance standards for the 8 Taekwondo Palgwe Poomse for at-home practice, testing & competition plus a complete guide to the Korean and English names for the movements of each form.

Don’t hesitate. If you need a great reference for review or just learning this [video] is the one to own.
— D Verret

Knife Defense Fundamentals video


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The Knife Defense Fundamentals video covers the essential basics of defending against the knife and gives you a solid foundation. Learn to use stance and distance to your advantage, evade an attack, close the distance for a counter, change the line of attack, control the knife arm, reverse your opponents momentum, apply standing restraint and control locks, understand the principles of a knife attack and take an attacker to the ground where you can successfully immobilize him, neutralizing the threat of the knife. Then put your new skills to work in 23 sample attack and defense scenarios that you can practice with a partner.


  • 7 Action Steps for Successful Knife Defense

  • Stance and footwork: using positioning and distance to your advantage

  • Looping: evasion and distance control

  • Deflecting: changing the line of attack

  • Gripping: control the knife arm

  • Inversion: reverse the attackers momentum

  • Pinion: standing restraints and ground immobilizations

  • Finishing techniques

  • Immobilizing an attacker with a choke, wrist lock, head lock, chin lock, body lock, takedown or pin

  • 23 Sample practice scenarios with variations

  • Applying the 4 tactical concepts of closing, passing, cutting in and coupling

Taekwondo Aerokicks video


Developed by Korean demonstration teams for spectacular breaking shows, aero kicks are among the hardest kicks in the world to master. But if you are up for a challenge, Sang H. Kim can help you learn even the most difficult aerokicks.

This instructional video uses full speed, stop frame and slow motion footage to analyze and explain the finer points of aero kicks like the 540 degree jumping spinning whip kick, jumping split kicks, back flip kicks, and over a dozen ways to execute three, four and even five kicks in a single flying jump.

Aero kicks are the Ultimate Kicking Challenge - guaranteed crowd pleasers for board breaking in demonstrations and competitions.

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Jang Bong Long Stick Fundamentals and Patterns video


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Great training dvd to anyone new to Bo Staff fightng techniques
— Elverine

The Jang Bong is a long stick, approximately 60 inches in length. It can be used to defend against an empty handed or armed attacker with ease.

In Part One of this video, filmed at a seminar, Sang H. Kim introduces the fundamentals of the Jang Bong including the two basic grips (for long and close range fighting), posture, offensive and defensive movements including straight striking, circular striking, hooking, thrusting, scooping and controlling techniques. It also includes a warm up recommended for use before beginning Jang Bong practice, a look at the vital points for striking with the Jang Bong, partner and solo practice drills, 8 Strike Circular Drills and many tips to improve both performance and understanding of this unique weapon.

In Part Two, you will learn three patterns for the Jang Bong. Master Kim starts you off with a basic form to introduce the fundamental footwork, blocking and striking skills of the Jang Bong. The second form is an intermediate level pattern that introduces more complex skills including offense/defense combinations and varying grips. The third and most advanced form focuses on speed in complex combinations.

Each sequence includes full speed, follow along, front, diagonal, side and rear views. Also included are a movement by movement breakdown of the terminology and detailed explanations of the applications of the movements.