Hapkido Ground and Weapon Defense video

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In Hapkido Ground and Weapon Defense, Grandmaster Chang Soo Lee and Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim teach you ground defenses and defenses against weapons including the knife, gun and cane. This instructional program was filmed on location in Korea, allowing you to learn from some of the top Hapkido masters in Korea. Includes instruction on:

  • Bang Too Ki: Defenses against grappling (lunges, holds, throws and chokes) and multiple attackers
  • Sunsool: Initiative attack
  • Dan Bong Sool: Overview of Mini Short Stick blocking, striking, thrusting and locking techniques
  • Po Bak Sool: Arresting techniques using a belt to immobilize the opponent
  • Dan Jang Sool: Cane striking and locking techniques
  • Defense against gun
  • Defense against a knife attack
  • Women's self-defense