2003 Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido Championship video

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This video gives you a ringside seat at the 2003 Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido National Championship, held in Incheon, Korea. '

The competition kicks off with a demonstration by a team of masters, juniors and police officers who showcase both the practical and spectacular sides of hapkido. The junior students demonstrate children's self-defense, jumping kick breaks and team falling acrobatics, the police officers perform a series of weapons disarms and Master Lee Chang-Soo demonstrates breaking and self-defense against multiple attackers.

Next you'll see highlights of the kicking, falling and self-defense competitions followed by full-contact hapkido sparring matches which allow not only kicks and punches, but sweeps, takedowns and throws. Sparring footage includes both highlights and full matches in the black belt divisions. See Korean hapkido black belts of all ages give their best for a shot at the national championship.