Beginner Karate video

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Learn the basic blocks, strikes, kicks and sparring techniques of karate from a world champion instructor. In the Beginner Karate training video, Sensei Mike Reeves takes the new student step by step through the basics of Isshinryu Karate, including:

  • Basic terminology
  • Counting in Japanese
  • Making a fist correctly
  • Basic strikes: straight punch, reverse punch, uppercut, fingertip strike, knifehand strike
  • Basic blocks: low, side, upper
  • 9 basic kicks including: front, stomp, side, back, squat, knee thrust
  • Fundamental blocking and striking combinations
  • 10 Kumite (sparring) hand techniques
  • 7 Kumite (sparring) kicking techniques
  • 3 Level Kumite Defense techniques
  • Kata: Seisan Kata