Ultimate Flexibility: Stretching for Martial Arts video

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Achieve Ultimate Flexibility in 20 minutes a day! Based on his bestselling book Ultimate Flexibility, Sang H. Kim has created a series of 20-minute stretching workouts that you can follow at home to increase your flexibility and tone your body.

Each of the three workouts - easy, moderate and intense - gives you a total body stretch with a special focus on the muscles commonly used in martial arts training. You also get an introduction to stretching, tips on getting the most out of your workouts, exercises to improve the height and power of your kicks.

If you \'re ready to dedicate 20 minutes a day to improving your flexibility, this video is for you.

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Also available: the bestselling Ultimate Flexibility book - get in-depth instruction for all of the exercises in the video plus much more!

Ultimate Fitness for Martial Arts video

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Sang H. Kim teaches you the exercises that have helped him maintain ultimate flexibility for over 20 years and demonstrates the most effective exercises for developing explosive power and speed in your techniques using weight training, running, isometrics, and more. Plus, get advice on developing agility, balance, coordination and timing. Over 100 drills, exercises and training methods.

Sang H. Kim does a fabulous job describing the “What, Where and How to’s” of 9 basic essentials to improve one’s martial arts skills. This is a must have for the serious martial artist!
— C. Fritzsch

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Solo Training for Martial Arts video

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This dvd is more about practical fighting than any actual style. If you are wanting to learn self defense in realistic situations then this dvd will get you started with a foot in the right direction.
— Christopher Knight

Loren Christensen takes the very best of his Solo Training books and creates targeted training sessions that you can use at home to build speed, strength and accuracy in your punches, strikes and kicks. Loren also includes his favorite resistance training exercises and his grueling 800 kick workout, guaranteed to take your kicking power, speed and endurance to the next level.

Training sessions include:

  • Hands, forearms and elbows
  • Kicks and hand combinations
  • Weight training and kick chambering
  • Shadow sparring
  • Legs only and arms only

Learn the best solo drills and training methods for improving:

  • Reverse punch and backfist
  • Forearm and elbow strikes
  • Front, roundhouse, side and back kick
  • Combination striking with one or both hands

First Loren teaches you the drills and training methods that make up the workouts, then he outlines the exact training sequence and number of reps for each 30 - 60 minute training session so you can integrate them into your solo training workouts. Loren's battle tested training tips and expert demonstration of applications will bring you immediate improvement of your personal training. This video is full of practical techniques and insightful training methods that you can safely use to train at home or in the gym.

Power Breathing video

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Revitalize your energy with Power Breathing. Sang H. Kim guides you through easy to follow breathing exercises that you can do anywhere, in as little as sixty seconds, to relieve stress, increase your fitness level and feel better instantly.

New to breathing exercises? Start with Gentle Breathing, a simple way to reconnect with your body and begin your journey toward renewed energy. When you're ready, the core Power Breathing exercises of Steady, Staccato and Explosive breathing combine to create a total body energizing workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Finally, give attention to problem areas with Healing Breathing ten exercises to release tension and promote flexibility through controlled breathing.

Sang H. Kim has created this instructional video detailing the Power Breathing methods he has used for over 3 decades as part of his daily martial arts training. Power Breathing is an excellent way of improving lung capacity, strengthening the core mucles of the torso, increasing stamina, reducing stress and channeling inner energy. It's principles can be applied to martial arts training, yoga, tai chi and many aerobic sports. The video includes both instruction and follow along workouts.

Also available: Power Breathing book

Martial Arts Injury Prevention, Taping and Rehab video

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Professional Athletic Trainer Trish Bare Grounds shares expert advice on martial arts training safety, takes you step by step through the taping of the major joints, teaches you key conditioning exercises for injury prevention and dispels common self-care myths.

As one of the foremost experts in the US on martial arts injury treatment, Trish brings years of experience to this video. Topics covered include:

  • Taping methods for the ankle, toe, arch, achilles tendon, shin (shin splints), knee, groin/thigh, wrist and fingers
  • Stretching for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Effects of caffeine and nicotine
  • Precautions for head, neck and spine injuries
  • Second impact syndrome and concussions
  • The benefits of wearing a mouthpiece
  • Deyhdration and weight loss
  • Pain relief medication
  • When to use ice vs. heat for pain relief and injury care

This video is an excellent resource for students and should be mandatory viewing for all coaches, instructors and martial arts school staff. Trish dispels common myths and shares her professional knowledge gained through treating thousands of martial arts athletes in her career as an Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist.