Ultimate Kicking Drills video

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Download the free app and instantly get access to a sample video with over a dozen kicking drills to improve your speed, agility, balance and coordination for kicking.

Want to kick higher, stronger, faster? Bored with the usual training routine? Then the Ultimate Kicking Drills video is for you. Follow along as Sang H. Kim teaches you dozens of kicking drills, techniques, exercises & tips to put you on the road to measurable improvement. Drills include:

  • Heavy Bag
  • Fixed and Moving Target Drills
  • Hand Target
  • Shield Target
  • Partner Drills
  • Stretching Bar
  • Plyometrics
  • Isometrics
  • Flexibility
  • Speed, Power & Agility Running
  • Timing Drills
  • Outdoor Training
  • Multiple Targets
  • Weight Training
  • Conditioning Exercises Essential to Awesome Kicks
  • Dozens of Informative Tips

Over 100 drills, exercises and training methods!

Complete Taekwondo Sparring Volume 1 video

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A great training aid to improve attacking precision and power for instructors and coaches as well as students who want to train at home.

Just knowing how to kick isn't enough when you step in the ring. Understanding how to score is essential towinning in taekwondo competition. Complete Taekwondo Sparring Vol. 1 is your guide to popular and effective scoring attacks.


  • Front and rear leg roundhouse kick
  • Front leg speed axe kick
  • Rear leg power axe kick
  • Back kick, jumping back kick and 360 degree aero back kick
  • Jumping turning roundhouse kicks
  • Hopping kicks
  • Footwork/kick combinations
  • Set-ups and attacks

Includes examples of each technique being used in competition as well as full speed and slow motion instructional segments from both open and closed stance situations.


  • Single and double target drills 
  • Reflex drills 
  • 2:1 Target drills 
  • Line drills
  • Combination target drills
  • Footwork/kick combination drills
  • Hogoo drills


Tae Kwon Do Drills video

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Olympic Gold Medalist Lynnette Love teaches you the drills and training methods that led her to the top including: warm-ups, stretching, conditioning drills, plyometrics, strengthening exercises, wavemaster bag training, circuit interval training, endurance training, footwork drills, kicking drills, line drills, hogu drills, speed drills, partner drills, and group target drills.

About Lynnette Love

Lynnette Love is a 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist and 1992 Olympic Taekwondo Team Captain. In her 14 years as a US National Taekwondo Team member she won three World Championships, two Olympic Medals, 10 US National Championships and 5 Pan American titles. In 1991, she was named the US Olympic Committee Female Athlete of Year (for all sports) and in 1997 she was named USCO Developmental Coach of the Year. Since retiring from competition, she has coached the US National Team at the World Championships, World Cup and Pan Am Games. 

77 Fun and Exciting Martial Arts Drills

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This fast paced video illustrates 77 martial arts classroom drills to improve students':

  • speed
  • strength
  • reflexes
  • coordination
  • flexibility
  • agility
  • balance
  • power

These drills and games are suitable for students of all ages training in both grappling and striking styles.