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Submission Guidelines

  • How can I submit my manuscript or book?
  • Book/Manuscript Guidelines:

    Turtle Press publishes a wide variety of books in the areas of sports, martial arts, Eastern philosophy, and self-improvement. While we are open to a broad range of topics, we prefer that a manuscript be tightly focused and give thorough coverage to its subject.

    Please send a proposal that includes as much of the following as possible:

    a. outline or summary
    b. table of contents
    c. two to four sample chapters, including chapter one
    d. market potential for the proposed manuscript
    e. author credentials
    f. sample photos or artwork
    g. availability of manuscript on disk, including format
    h. postage paid return envelope for all materials

    Materials should be submitted on 8 ½" x 11" white paper, double-spaced. Please allow two to four weeks for a response. Please do not phone or e-mail regarding your proposal. Materials sent without a postage paid return envelope will not be returned.

    Send to: Acquisitions Committee, Turtle Press, 500 North Washington Street #1545, Rockville, MD 20849

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