Combative Elbow Strikes: A Guide to Strikes, Blocks, Locks, and Take Downs

Every person interested in learning to defend themselves and the finer points of protection will benefit from this book. It does not matter if you come at this topic from a civilian standpoint or that of professional military or law enforcement.
— Dr. George Vitale, 8th Dan ITF Taekwon-Do, 24 years with the New York State Police

Combative Elbow Strikes: A Guide to Strikes, Blocks, Locks, and Take Downs is an in-depth analysis of the practical applications for five of the most common elbow strikes found in the martial arts.

While conventional wisdom holds that an elbow strike is simply a technique used for close-range striking, Jeff W. Rosser asserts that the movements used in executing these elbow strikes are highly versatile and applicable to a wide range of situations.

In this book, Rosser demonstrates how an elbow strike can be used for executing blocks, joint locks, throws, take downs, chokes, pins, traps, releases, and ground fighting in addition to striking.

Illustrated with over 250 photographs, Combative Elbow Strikes presents more than 50 elbow strike applications in stand-up and ground fighting scenarios. Instruction on how to generate power and execute the elbow strikes efficiently and effectively ensures that you will get the most out of every technique.

Author: Jeff W. Rosser 

Editions: Kindle, iPad, Android, Softcover


Complete Kickboxing: The Fighter's Ultimate Guide to Techniques, Concepts and Strategy for Sparring and Competition

With nearly 500 pages of instruction and over 1000 photos, Complete Kickboxing is the most comprehensive reference available on the exciting sport of Kickboxing.

In the most comprehensive book on kickboxing ever written, Martina Sprague and Keith Livingston teach you exactly what it takes to survive and win in the kickboxing ring. Whether you want to become a professional kickboxer or just train like one, Complete Kickboxing is an invaluable reference. 

Begin with the basics of movement, stance, punching, kicking and defensive fundamentals. Each skill is taught scientifically: learn good mechanics, drill with specific goals in mind and then apply your skills in sparring. 

Once you've established solid fundamentals, the authors introduce advanced skills like knee and elbow strikes, unorthodox punches, jump kicks and sweeps. 

As you build your arsenal, Keith and Martina share the kind of information that only two veterans of the ring can. Learn strategies for short and long range fighting, controlling the fight, outsmarting your opponent, working the angles and gaining superiority. 

If your goal is competition, Complete Kickboxing can ensure you don't miss a step along the way. Learn how to mentally and physically prepare for a fight, which equipment to train on, what goes on in the locker room before a match and how the business end of the fight game works. 

Authors: Martina Sprague, Keith Livingston

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Stop Kicks: Jamming, Obstructing, Stopping, Impaling, Cutting and Preemptive Kicks

Stop Kicks are among the most effective, sophisticated kicks a fighter can use. And because they hit your opponent at his most vulnerable, they are also the safest way to pre-empt or counter an attack. Stop Kicks are delivered just as your opponent is fully committed to an attack, physically or mentally, meaning it is too late for him to change his mind. Hitting an opponent in mid-attack gives you the added advantage of using his attacking momentum against him. 

Stop Kicks: Jamming, Obstructing, Stopping, Impaling, Cutting and Preemptive Kicks presents a well organized array of stop-kicking techniques from a wide range of martial arts. Learn Pushing Kicks, Timing Kicks, Cutting Kicks, Obstruction Kicks, and Block Kicks from the hard-hitting styles of Muay Thai, Karatedo, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, Kung Fu and more. 

Regardless of the Art you practice, Stop Kicks will become the secret weapon of your arsenal and will make you a better and a more sophisticated fighter. Over 1000 photos and illustrations.

Author: Marc De Bremaeker

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


The Principles of Unarmed Combat

Mark Jacobs is knowledgeable and direct and doesn’t waste conversation on impractical concepts, techniques or teachings. His book, The Principles of Unarmed Combat, is the same way. This book is a good reference for the beginner or for the advanced instructor. I will be recommending The Principles of Unarmed Combat to all my students.
— Greg Thompson, close quarters combat instructor to the U.S. Army Special Forces

In The Principles of Unarmed Combat, Black Belt Magazine columnist Mark Jacobs breaks down the essential skills of empty-handed martial arts. Whether you train to win in the ring or survive on the street, this book will show you why some fighting skills work and why some don’t. Plus you’ll learn how to troubleshoot problem areas in your training, no matter what style you practice. 

Mark Jacobs has interviewed doctors and physicists, analyzed key scientific studies and synthesized the best available information about how to make martial arts work better. The result is a comprehensive, heavily researched guide to everything you should know about striking and grappling, offense and defense, and even the mental aspects of training. 

The Principles of Unarmed Combat is made up of over 50 chapters, organized into 10 information packed sections. You’ll get all of the topics you’d expect to find in a comprehensive guide to the fighting arts: posture, footwork, positioning, striking, kicking, takedowns and groundfighting. But unlike most how-to books, you’ll also get hard-to-find insider information on advanced topics like transitioning, fighting from the clinch, pain compliance, fight psychology, real world defense strategies and the dark side of sport fighting.

Mark Jacobs has combined his decades in the martial arts with his skills as a professional journalist to create one of the most comprehensive books ever written on the skills, techniques, strategies and tactics of unarmed combat. 

Author: Mark Jacobs

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Explosive Muay Thai: Beyond the Basics

Advanced Muay Thai combinations and fighting tactics

Explosive Muay Thai: Beyond the Basics builds on your basic Muay Thai knowledge to integrate the physical techniques, mental attitude and philosophy of Muay Thai training into a disciplined, progressive approach to training. 

The book opens with a discussion of how traditional Muay Thai philosophy and development of the modern day warrior s attitude necessary to survive the rigors of Muay Thai training. 

Once you're ready to get serious about training, authors Jerry Heines and Kru Amorndet Ranjanthuek teach you the keys to success in the ring including how to determine your opponent's style so you can take him apart mentally and physically. Dozens of fighting combinations show you how to use punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes to dominate in the ring. You'll also learn to fight on the ropes and from the clinch, using proven skills and tactics.

Authors: Kru Amorndet Ranjanthuek, Jerry Heines 

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover


Muay Thai Fighting Strategies

In Muay Thai Fighting Strategies, Jerry Heines and Kru Amorndet Ranjanthuek teach you how to develop the advanced fighting skills and mental toughness necessary to win in the ring and excel in the gym.

Learn how to deal with a wide variety of fighting styles and tactics including an opponent who counterattacks, fights from a Southpaw stance, keeps a tight guard, rushes you, leans back to escape your punches, holds you at bay with his lead hand or grabs your kicks.

You'll also learn how to manage your diet for competition and training, scientifically track your training progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and practice advanced relaxation techniques to improve speed and power. Most importantly, the authors identify the techniques and targets most likely to cause a knockout in the ring.

Authors: Jerry Heines, Kru Amorndet Ranjanthuek

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover