The Fighter's Body: Your Guide to Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Excellence in the Martial Arts

This is the most informative book that you will ever find regarding diet, nutrition, and fitness as they relate to martial arts training.
— J. King
If you are looking for info how to build confidence and your body, this is it.
— Walter Delap

You have an owner’s manual for your car, your stereo and even your blender, so why not your body? The Fighter's Body is exactly that, an owner's manual for your body, the most complex piece of equipment you will ever own.

As a martial artist, you have special needs. Have you ever wondered how that latest fad diet might affect your performance on the mat? Ever wanted to take off a few extra pounds? How about putting on muscle without slowing down? Make weight for a tournament? Lose 5 pounds fast? Eat better? Change weight classes? Confused about supplements, vitamins and protein shakes? Can't make sense of the food pyramid? Don't know where to start?

Start here. Author Loren Christensen and personal trainer Wim Demeere combine their knowledge of martial arts, weight training, nutrition, diet and exercise to answer your questions and put you on the road to becoming the best martial arts athlete you can be. 

This book will answer your questions about important topics including: 

  • Why some diets are harmful for martial artists 
  • How to calculate your protein needs for training 
  • When and how to use supplements 
  • How to eat at fast food places and not ruin your diet 
  • Why it's okay to splurge on "Dirt Day"
  • How to safely make weight for a fight or tournament
  • Why HIIT training is essential to weight loss 
  • What to eat on competition days 
  • How to create a plan that works and stick to it 

Authors: Loren W. ChristensenWim Demeere

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover, Hardcover