Capoeira Illustrated

Simply put, this book is brilliant. The book provides the reader with a healthy historical overview and then moves right into some warm ups, then movements for the roda. I love how each section concludes with some sequences and creative ways to apply the movement you have just leant.
— Jane Scott

Capoeira Illustrated is a complete guide to the art of Capoeira. Author, capoeira instructor and professional artist Dimitris Papadopoulos has created an in-depth study of the techniques and skills of Capoeira, illustrated by over 4000 individual sketches of more than 500 movements. 

Capoeira Illustrated begins with a complete history of this unique art, telling the story of how the Capoeira game of today developed from its origins in Brazil. For beginners, he explains the etiquette and customs of the game of Capoiera followed by how to perform basic movements. 

Building on this foundation, Dimitris shows you an extensive array of movements, sequences, and combinations including kicks, evasions, cartwheels, acrobatics, and takedowns. Because the movements in this book are illustrated in great detail, you can study them in the kind of depth that would be impossible to capture in photos. 

Dimitris Papadopoulos has devoted years of training, study and observation to familiarize himself with different Capoeira styles/schools such as ABADA Capoeira, Mundo Capoeira, ACAPOEIRA, Capoeira Brazil, Senzala de Santos, and Centro Cultural Capoeiragem. He brings his wealth of knowledge to this book, creating a reference of essential Capoeira skills for students and instructors of all styles.

Author: Dimitris Papadopoulos

Editions: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, Softcover