Turtle Press combines tradition with innovation to bring you quality martial arts instructional books and videos.

The turtle, traditionally, has been the symbol of longevity and reliability in Eastern thought. Legends of the Turtle in Asia are many: One of the Four Kingdoms of Korea, called Kaya, was founded in 42 A.D. by the legendary King Kim Soo-ro who was believed to have been born from a giant golden turtle egg; Admiral Yi Sun-shin, though overwhelmingly outnumbered, defeated a fleet of enemy ships with his uniquely designed Turtle Boat, called Kobuksun, in 1592. Even today, in Taoist philosophy, there are ten symbols of longevity including the turtle, deer, crane, sun, moon and water.

This theme of longevity has been a guiding principle for Turtle Press. We pride ourselves on producing instructional materials that are timeless additions to the martial arts world, a unique blend of tradition and innovation that is our hallmark.

What Sets us Apart

Turtle Press is proud to be a leader, rather than a follower, in the martial arts industry. We put our customers first with a number of innovations in customer service. In fact, we are the only martial arts book and video producer who:

  • Encourages you to try before you buy. Preview our books, e-books and videos online before you buy or browse our website for even more great content excerpted from our most popular titles. 
  • Has developed an extensive online library of book excerpts, articles and video clips free to customers and browsers alike.
  • Brings you the most up to date technology. Turtle Press was one of the first to offer full-featured martial arts instructional DVDs. Today you can find this same great content in our mobile apps and streaming video.

Turtle Press aggressively seeks out and funds the work of authors who have fresh new ideas in the martial arts field. If you have a manuscript proposal you would like us to consider, see our Author Query page.

A Tradition of Innovation

Turtle Press was founded in 1989 with the publication of our first book Teaching: The Way of the Master. At that time, there were no materials designed specifically to educate martial arts instructors on teaching methods and strategies. Turned down by all of the major martial arts publishers as being too radical or revealing too much information, this book spawned a revolution in the martial arts world.

Prior to 1990 there was nowhere for martial arts instructors to turn for information on teaching. Today there are plentiful resources. Turtle Press is proud to have led the martial arts world in a bold new direction, improving the quality of instruction available to students worldwide. Even today, in its expanded second edition,Teaching Martial Arts is one of our top selling titles, educating a new generation of instructors.

As one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the martial arts world, Turtle Press has achieved other firsts that opened the door for those who followed. We were the first to release an organized sparring curriculum for students and instructors, the first to publish a book specifically on the sport, rather than the art, of taekwondo, the first to bring the traditional arts of Ssireum, Muye Eehsip Saban and Kuk Kung to the western world, the first to translate the classic Muye Dobo Tongji into English, the first to publish a book about weight training for martial artists, the first to offer our complete product line on the internet, the first to film team training sessions in Korea and release them to the world, the first to create a training diary for martial artists, and the first company to offer free online previews of every one of our products.

Turtle Press is proud to be the publisher of modern classics of martial arts literature. Vital Point Strikes, our bestselling title, demystifies the ancient lore of vital point striking, making it accessible to today's martial artist. Ultimate Flexibility combines scientific background with practical stretching exercises for maximum flexibility.


The Future

Turtle Press is committed to continue bringing you the very best in martial arts instructional material. We are excited about the potential for opening new vistas in the martial arts and hope you will join us in celebrating the diversity of our martial arts heritage.