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Size and strength will take you only so far in martial arts. If you want to reach your maximum potential on the street or in the ring, you need to go beyond conditioning and focus on getting the most out of every technique.

In Fighting Science: The Laws of Physics for Martial Artists, Martina Sprague teaches you everything you need to know to successfully apply the laws of physics for maximum power in every technique.

Start with ten fundamental fighting concepts to exploit your opponents weaknesses and identify your strengths. Once you have a solid overview of these strategic concepts, move on to a detailed look at how things like momentum, rotational speed, friction,direction, impulse and conservation of energy can work for or against you.

Not a science whiz? Don't worry about it. Martina breaks down each idea, giving you easy to understand examples and hundreds of practical applications for stances, striking, kicking, defenses,footwork, movement, throws, takedowns and grappling.

This book is supplemented by hundreds of photos, detailed glossaries, summary and review sections and even quizzes to test yourself on what you've learned.

Whether you'd like to gain a detailed understanding of the laws of physics for martial artists or just want a few hundred ways to get the edge on your next opponent, this is a must-have book.

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Fighting Science   $19.95 Clear

Fighting Science

  • By: Martina Sprague
  • Pages: 272 pages
  • Photos: 347 photos
  • Product Code: FS
    Availability: In Stock

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Average Customer Review: 4 Based on 7 Reviews.

Feb 16, 2009
very useful 4

Reviewer: Tulio M Otero from Elgin IL
This book does an excellent job of explaining basic principles of physics as applied to fighting. There are many basic techniques that will make a big difference in your martial arts training.

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Jan 28, 2009
More Fun than High School Science 5

Reviewer: Martial Art Magazine from N/A
If you're one of those guys who wasn't exactly thrilled with high school science, you might want to give it another try. Not the same class you took back then, but "Fighting Science: The Laws of Physics for Martial Artists." This 269-page book by Martina Sprague is reader-friendly and covers such topics as an introduction to fighting concepts, balance, momentum, direction, impulse, rotational speed and kinetic energy. Check it out. It's fun and you may just learn a thing or two.

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Dec 17, 2008
I highly recommend it. 5

Reviewer: Loren W. Christensen from author of Fighters Fact Book
Fighting Science is a wonderful, information crammed martial arts book that fills a much-needed void in the field. Author Martina Sprague clearly knows her stuff and passes on her knowledge in a simple and easy-to-understand language that even the science and math challenged among us can grasp at first read. Even if you have been studying the martial arts for years, her explanations as to the science behind your favorite moves will have you exclaiming, “So that’s why that technique works so well.” Perhaps more importantly, with a new understanding of the simple laws of physics that make a technique work and work well, you might discover the solution to a problem you’ve had with a particular punch, kick, or throw. Her simple explanations as to the physics behind your movements, backed by hundreds of clear photos, will not only improve your techniques but will help you defeat your opponent, whether it’s in the ring or in the street.

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Nov 26, 2008
fighting science 4

Reviewer: karatekid from canada
this book really helped me develop better fighting skills. I highly recomend this book to people who want to improve their fighting skills.

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Nov 06, 2008
The best book available for fighting 5

Reviewer: David Chapin from Livonia MI
This book has more than you ever thought you needed to know about the science of fighting. The author breaks it down in such a way that you understand it regardless of you educational level. She gives you easy to follow formulas for the physics of fighting. If you are serious about fighting do yourself a great favor and buy this book, you'll be glad you did.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful
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