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Read an Excerpt: Boxing - Ring Tactics

Whether you want to box for fitness or competition, Boxing: The American Martial Art is an excellent guide to getting started. Professional boxing coach and trainer R. Michael Onello has created a 12-week, step-by-step boxing course that can be followed at home or in the gym.

Begin with the thorough boxing conditioning program designed to tone and strengthen your entire body, with a special emphasis on the abs, chest and arm muscles.

From Lesson One, you'll learn stance and movement, defensive tactics and a simple method of wrapping your hands to protect them during training. As you work through the twice-weekly lessons, you'll learn the jab, straight right, uppercut and hook, then practice them alone and in combinations to increase your punching speed, accuracy and power.

The step-by-step lesson format guides you through the same drills used by professional boxing trainers and includes specifics like the number of reps, the type of equipment to practice on, strategic advice and key points to pay attention to as you progress.

Once you've got the basics down, get together with a sparring partner to work on the offense-defense drills, counterpunching and putting your new skills to work in sparring practice.

The lessons wrap up with advice on creating a rotating 12-week training schedule by introducing more advanced training concepts and variations on the workouts. Also included is a chapter for trainers and coaches, including sample program handouts and training advice.

Here are the Boxing Lessons you'll work on as you train at home:
Lesson 1: Stance and Movement
Lesson 2: Defensive Positions
Lesson 3: Wrapping the Hands / Pivot & Slide
Lesson 4: Jab
Lesson 5: Bag Work: Jabs
Lesson 6: Straight Right
Lesson 7: Bag Work: Straight Right
Lesson 8: Rhythm and Style
Lesson 9: Hooks
Lesson 10: Bag Work: Hooks
Lesson 11: Neutralizing your Opponent
Lesson 12: Uppercuts
Lesson 13: Bag Work: Uppercuts
Lesson 14: Defensive Positioning
Lesson 15: Additional Punches
Lesson 16: Bag Work
Lesson 17: Shadowboxing
Lesson 18: Countering Off Punch
Lesson 19: Ring Tactics
Lesson 20: Punches/Footwork Review
Lesson 21: Review of Defenses
Lesson 22: Introduction to Sparring
Lesson 23: Countering Off One Punch
Lesson 24: Countering Off One Punch
Lesson 25: Handicap Sparring
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Boxing: Advanced Tactics and Strategies book

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Oct 30, 2008
I can't wait to go the gym to go and train! 5

Reviewer: Philip Mouton from Johannesburg, South Africa
Hi  Mr Onello
I bought your book end of 2005 as I wanted to add something new to my boring gym (mainly weight training and squash) routine. Having done karate for years in my earlier years, I didn't think that boxing would be very difficult to accomplish. I found this to be totally the opposite and enjoy the extremely challenging and interesting workouts as never before - nowadays I can't wait to go the gym to go and train!
I just want to thank you for a great book that really changed my life and all the elements I gained valuable in life as well.

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