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Stop Kicks book
Stop Kicks
Marc de Bremaeker
The Art of Joint Locking book
The Art of
Joint Locking
Arlo Welty
Triangle Chokes: Triangle and Leg Chokes for Combat Sports book
Triangle Chokes
Steve Scott

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Turtle Press is a leading producer of books and DVDs for martial arts students and instructors as well as law enforcement personnel and those interested in self-defense and personal protection. Turtle Press offers free shipping, book excerpts and DVD previews, martial arts training tips, and a wide variety of hard to find martial arts instructional titles. Save big on high quality, top selling martial arts books and DVDs when you buy direct from the publisher at www.TurtlePress.com. Check back often for new releases of self-defense, martial arts and Eastern philosphy books or subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, Facebook page or blog for first notice on new titles.

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High Quality
Pressure Points Poster
Locate vital striking points on the body . . .
Training Tips
Improve Your Flexibility
How to stretch for maximum results . . .
Training Tips
Lower Body Plyometrics
Strengthen your legs for kicking and grappling . . .
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Turtle Press Books in eBook Format
Your favorite Turtle Press books are available for your favoirte eReader . . .
Martial Arts Article
Chin Na Grappling
The basics of Kung Fu grappling skills. . .
     Intro to Chin Na
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